Just Worked Out Hard


And then as I was getting in the shower I glanced at myself in the mirror……and was so disgusted!! I know it’d be more inspirational if I said something like ‘for the first time in forever I loved everything I saw…’ But that wasn’t it at all! I’ve still got a good 50-60 pounds to lose or 70 if I want to shoot for the stars. I can’t wait to Love my body again. I’m a skinny beautiful woman trapped in a fat suit!! K….. Pity party is over.

I am trapped too :(

Anonymous asked:

How did you way on surgery day? I'm struggling with liquid diet :(

I only lost 10 pounds on my liquid diet.
And I ate on my second to last day.
I dont regret it either! I had a greasy bacon cheesebuger, fries and a soda and eclair. But it seriously was my final meal because I cant eat like that. Red meat is now gross and I would vomit. And I just dont crave food like that anymore, but I enjoy the memory. I also did alot of tomatoe soup with milk in it. Im probably not the best person to ask but at least im honest. I would just get so hungry that I would be nauseated. Thats the BEST thing after surgery, NO HUNGER AND NO CRAVINGS! Good luck!