Did you really just say that?

Are you still fat?

You still got a ways to go, huh?

This doesnt seem healthy!

You are so pretty now!

You were pretty then, but your prettier now.

How much more weight do you have to lose?

Are you gonna regain it all back like you have on other diets?

You eat like a sick bird.

What does your husband think?

I bet you are so much more comfortable without all that fat weighing you down.

I can see your face now that your jowels are gone.

Keep it up, you have a long ways to go.

You use to eat alot.

You should of been exercising a long time ago.

You really let yourself go before you got yourself back.

Anonymous asked:

how many months out did you start seeing a difference?

As far as how I looked 2 months! Activity wise was 1 month. But the best part is I am 9 months out and I still see differences and changes!