What up strangers!

So I have substained from Tumbler for 2 weeks. I have been working my butt off while being sick as a dog. Just started working out again and getting my strength back. Thats was my 1st time getting sick since surgery and wow did my body take a beating. Bought some size 12s yesterday and tried on some 10s. The thought always runs through my head in the dressing room…IS THIS REAL? It is and I love it!








my incisions are itchy as FUCK 😡

Mine still itch. Two years later. Anyone else?

OMG NO!!!! I cannot handle this news =[

No way! Mine are totally healed. And it took about 3 week to heal them up. But I was sown up from the inside and then they covered the incisions with flexi strips. I think that’s what they were called.

Steri-strips =] I have them too. And I can’t wait to rip them off.

I was sewed up on the inside and glued on the outside. And then got in a serious car accident as we were leaving the hospital and my main incision busted open and they had to stitch me. That one still itches and gives me a pinching pain here and there. Im 9 months out. I used vitamin e oil and red light therapy for healing and scars.

Did you really just say that?

Are you still fat?

You still got a ways to go, huh?

This doesnt seem healthy!

You are so pretty now!

You were pretty then, but your prettier now.

How much more weight do you have to lose?

Are you gonna regain it all back like you have on other diets?

You eat like a sick bird.

What does your husband think?

I bet you are so much more comfortable without all that fat weighing you down.

I can see your face now that your jowels are gone.

Keep it up, you have a long ways to go.

You use to eat alot.

You should of been exercising a long time ago.

You really let yourself go before you got yourself back.